Life Adjustments|暮らし方を変えていく


Certainly, living in Japan requires many adjustments and lifestyle changes. Here’s my list!

  1. Eating healthy

This means goodbye Coke and hello vegetables! Back in the Philippines, a day wouldn’t last without me drinking some soda or mindlessly reaching for some junk food when my stomach starts to rumble. I would even run to Jollibee at midnight just to grab some fries. But now, there’s so much tea and vegetables in our fridge. I feel there’s cabbage, carrots and cucumber everywhere! Hello to a healthy life!

Sharmaine’s happy face while eating Nabe.

Cabbage is life!

  1. Japanese Language

It seems all of us panic when someone buzzes the doorbell, or when we have to talk to the apartment personnel. I always do a quick practice of  “Konnichiwa” or “Sumimasen”  before speaking. We surely feel how difficult it is to communicate with people here. So we started to learn basic Japanese. And oh well, the struggle is real!

Japanese is metcha muzukashi!

  1. Getting used to all- things automated

It’s funny how those self- order food ticket machines in restaurants make me nervous. This is the reason why I seldom eat out and when I do, I choose the restaurant with staff taking my orders.

  1. Getting confused with trains

Just yesterday, I accidentally rode an express train and ended up 12 stations away from my destination. I was so exhausted and hungry from my mini escapade in Harajuku and carelessly rode what I thought was the local train. I was just 2 stations away from my destination, but to my horror, I saw our house in the background from the speeding train, and it took what felt like forever before it stopped! 


  1. Exploring places alone

I never thought I would enjoy exploring places by myself. Usually in the Philippines, I’d go with a friend in a mall. But our rest days are different here so I explore places on my own. Now, I love the idea of just sitting in the park alone , thinking about the life that was and secretly observing the couples around me.  

           Shinjuku Gyoen Park  

                  Yoyogi Park


  1. 健康的な食事をとる




  1. 日本語



  1. 自動化された物に慣れる


  1. 電車に混乱



  1. 一人で探検





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